Poker player’s grandma jumps into the high-stakes cash game at Poker Night in America

If you only watch one video today, this should be it.

Poker Night in America had already been one of the most entertaining shows out there, but it’s just gotten to a whole new level last night when Jack Schanbacher’s grandmother joined the $25/$50/$100 game.

Granny Irene was rolling high (literally, with her wheelchair) and took on seasoned pros with the likes of Kane ‘Nascar_1949’ Kalas, or Shaun Deeb. In fact, the latter famously bought her grandmother into the 2011 WSOP Main Event, who became the oldest woman to enter the tournament at the age of 91. Unfortunatelly, she busted early and the tournament staff couldn’t allow her to rebuy, even though she wanted to.

If you’re curious about how she performed, watch the whole thing here (she joins at 4:50):

(video credit: youtube/Poker Night in America)

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